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편집적 사고로 인해 어려움을 겪었고, 그 모습을 극복하는 과정에서 수많은 감정의 변화가 있었다.

시시때때로 변하는 감정과, 표현해내고 싶은 내면은 많았으나 그것이 해소로 이어 지기에는 철학적 사고와 독창성이 부족했기 때문에 "오리지널리티가 있는 창작은 무엇인가?" 하는 물음에 뿌리로 두고 가지를 뻗어나갔다.

무형의 상을 시각적 언어로 표현해가는 과정에서, 실체가 없던 이론과 감정들이 결합과 해체를 반복하게 되었는데 그것은 덩어리에서, 선으로, 점으로 해체되어 가장 순수한 모습으로 태어났다가 다시 점에서 선으로 면으로 본 적 없는 덩어리가 되어 나타나며 어쩌면 이것이 그동안의 물음에 답해주는 것 같다는 생각이 들었다.


오리지널리티(Originality), 창작자의 철학이 시작되던 지점에서 끝없이 반복된 질문은 어문에서 평면으로 옮겨져 시각적 형태를 갖추었고, 전에 느낄 수 없었던 자유로움으로 다가와 마치 연기(smoke)처럼 흩날렸다. 마치 새로운 우주가 열리고 세포가 살아나는 경험이었다.


연기(Smoke) 라면, 무엇이 되었든 얼마든지 변화해 창작자가 느끼는 고통과 극복의 과정을 담아내기에 충분했다.

지금도 나는 결합과 해체를 반복하며, 누구도 본 적이 없는 형태로, 때로는 누구나 봐 왔던 형태로 나를 이야기 하고있다.


I suffered from paranoid thinking, and there were numerous emotional changes in the process of overcoming it.

There were a lot of feelings that change from time to time, and there were many inner things that I wanted to express, but I lacked philosophical thinking and originality to lead to resolution, so "What is a creation with originality?" I put it as a root and stretched out the branches.

In the process of expressing the intangible image in visual language, theories and emotions that had no substance came to repeat the union and dissolution. It was born in the purest form from the mass, into a line, and into a point, and then again from point to line. It appears as a lump that I have never seen before, and I thought that this might answer the question.


At the point where the originality and the philosophy of the creator began, the questions that were repeated endlessly shifted from the language to the plane to form a visual form, and came to a freedom that could not be felt before and scattered like a smoke. It was as if a new universe was opened and the cells were brought to life.


If it was smoke, it was enough to contain the pain and the process of overcoming the creator by changing whatever it became.

Even now, I repeat the union and dissolution, talking about me in a form that no one has ever seen, and sometimes in a form that everyone has seen.


Thank you for your message!

Career and history

2016.          Catholic University, Media Content Design [Lecture]

2013-14.     Samsung Electronics [creative, artist work]

01. Exhibition

2021.06. "Charactopia"  Group exhibition. [Collast, KR]

2021.06. "OWN CREATION"  Group exhibition. [Chung M art, KR]

2021.05. "NFT Villa" NFT artist Group exhibition. [Villa Hamilton, KR]

2021.05. "SunFlower" Group exhibition. [Collast, KR]

2020.09. "PARAKID RISE" Mobile App Gallery Launching exhibition. [Theo Art, KR]

2020.07. "HOMMAGE" 08AM, Gwaja J group exhibition. [L gallery, KR]

▪ 2019.12. "LoL Invade Art" League of Legends 10th collaboration Exhibition [LoL park, KR]

▪ 2019.11. "White sale" group exhibition [artcenter Bupyeong, KR]

▪ 2019.07. "Nostalgia : Wes Anderson" group exhibition [LOTTE gallery, KR]

▪ 2019.01. "Fashion & Goods" group exhibition [Fashion Research Institute, CN]

▪ 2018.10. "IT STYLE" group exhibition [LOTTE gallery, KR]

▪ 2018.09. "My own hero" group exhibition [FIFTY FIFTY, KR]

▪ 2017.12. "Dance Fusion 20th" anniversary exhibition [SUPY, KR]

▪ 2017.11. "COSMIC" group exhibition. [MODIUM, Seoul]

▪ 2016.10. "BEGINS" 08AM SOLO exhibition. [FIFTY FIFTY, Seoul]

▪ 2015.12. "Once Our Land" group exhibition. [Untitled gallery, Vancouver]

▪ 2015.11.  Secrert garden group exhibition. [FIFTY FIFTY, Seoul]

▪ 2015.10.  Solo show. "monthly project Yoonjongshin" Interview. [LOB, Seoul]

▪ 2015.05.  Pringles promotion. collaboration group exhibition. [FIFTY FIFTY, Seoul]

▪ 2014.10.  World vision "I Dream: exhibition. [Avenuel Art hall]

▪ 2014.10.  Lotte 35th anniversary "bon voyage" Group Exhibition. [LOTTE gallery, seoul]

▪ 2014.03.  "CLIQUE" Exhibition 08AM. [Kumho Gallery, Gwang Ju]

▪ 2014.01.  TRINITY group exhibition. [FIFTY FIFTY, Seoul]
▪ 2013.10.  4Artist Group Exhibition. [Mississippi State University Art Gallery, Starkville, USA]
▪ 2013.10.  “ICHABOD” group exhibition. [the DAVID Creative. Chicago, USA]
                  - "Live Painting" on the wood with Gwaja in Laquna, Chicago
▪ 2013.07.  08AM SOLO Exhibition [Indie+Visual]. [the Page, Seoul]
▪ 2012.12. "According to Them" Collaboration exhibition. [SPACES gallery, USA]
                  - "East meet West" Painting on the wall in Wynwood Art District, Miami
                  - "Live Painting" on the wood in Wynwood Art District, Miami


02. Co-work Experience

2020.09. [Lotte Food] Goo Goo Cone X 08AM collaboration artwork. [Seoul]

▪ 2017.10. [Dance Fusion 20th] world tour Poster Design. [New york]

▪ 2017.09. [PUBLIC DANCE Mag] Popin pete co-work. [New york]

▪ 2017.08. [PUMA] "Run the streets" art collaboration Poster. [Seoul]

▪ 2014.05. [Häagen-Dazs] "Mango and Raspberry" runching fation show illustration.

▪ 2013.10. [Samsung Electronics C-rap] Mobile game Concept art. 

                  "Heroes classic" character artwork.

▪ 2013.10. [4Artist at MISSISSIPPI] Presentation Poster Design.

▪ 2013.10. [Behance Portfolio Review #4 Korea] Graphic Design.
▪ 2013.07. [SEOUL MONZ x 08AM ]Collaboration TOY Design.
▪ 2013.03. [Behance Portfolio Review #3 Korea] Graphic Design.
▪ 2012.03. [Jeju National University] Culture Exchange Center"History Area" Graphic design.
▪ 2012.01. [Korea JOB World] Kids Area Graphic Design.
▪ 2011.09. [Shinhan Bank] memorial hall Graphic Designer.
▪ 2011.08. [Sang-dong library] writer in History Illust design.
▪ 2011.08. [jmg museum] Kids Area Illust & Graphic Design.
▪ 2011.06. [Daegu National Science Museum] Kids Area Illustration & Graphic Design.
▪ 2010.07. [SEA-A]baseball Club "Han Tam" Character & Emblem Design.
▪ 2010.02. [Gamevil] "legend of baseball" Animation Advertising drawing

03. Awards

▪ 2013.04. [Cut&Paste KOREA] Characterized Seoul. Winner.

04. Selected

▪ 2016.05. [KOREA TIMES]  ART / artist Interview.

▪ 2015.10. [Monthly Yoon Jong Shin] 10th, artist Interview.

▪ 2014.04. [SNAPS] VIRTUAL DESIGN SHOWCASE 2014 with 08AM

▪ 2013.10. [Mississippi State University] Artist Prasentation.
▪ 2013.09. [Adobe] Behance Portfolio Review #4 KOREA 2013 Official Organizer.
▪ 2013.06. [CA Collection Vol 09] "Highlight Illustrator" Interview.
▪ 2013.05. [Adobe] Behance Portfolio Review #3 KOREA 2013 Official Organizer.
                  [Behance] Portfolio Review #3 Korea. speaker
▪ 2013.05. [SNAPS] VIRTUAL DESIGN SHOWCASE 2013 with 08AM
▪ 2013.04. [the David creative. Chicago. USA] Artist Interview.
▪ 2013.03. [LIBBON Korea] Artist Interview.

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