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Venus and Minerva


I wanted to discuss a discourse on a new form of art based on traditional art and technology through this digital artwork. I expressed it as if the two greatest Greek goddesses, Minerva and Venus, were conversing in a single frame, representing the endless discourse of technology (or wisdom) and aesthetics that they symbolize. This artwork was exhibited at NKF2023.


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2160 X 3840
AAC, H.264
HD (1-1-1)


Copyright ⓒ Contemporary Artist 08AM 2023.

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The Moment : Hopping Black

The Moment : Hopping White

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I have constantly doubted my existence, and I have been able to confirm that I am alive by creating something.
The moment the creation I have created exists in other people, I once again prove it.
"We're alive."

The moment something of an incomprehensible shape is understood in a familiar form.
I hope You have a special experience as you capture the moment when you become aware of something in this art.



1920 X 1920
AAC, H.264
HD (1-1-1)
Black / White ver.

3D animation / 1 of 1


Copyright ⓒ Contemporary Artist 08AM 2021.

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